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La Doggie Vita Cube Charcoal Cat Bed



LA DOGGIE VITA CUBE CHARCOAL CAT BEDIt's not always easy being this darn cute and cuddly. Sometimes a cat's just gotta have a little time to themselves. That's why La Doggie Vita has designed the innovative cat cube to give your favourite feline a bit of alone time. Made of a sturdy fabric and a foam exterior to maintain it's shape, the cat cube contains a soft, reversible and washable inner cushion, and offers a peep hole at the back for your cat to watch the world go by. The fun pom pom accessory at the top will keep your cat entertained, while the top half of the cube can be easily taken down for a more standard cat bed. The cat cube will be your cat's favourite place to hang out. We're not kitten. 

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