2020 LEADERS: Miles State High School Student Leaders Investiture Ceremony 2020.
2020 LEADERS: Miles State High School Student Leaders Investiture Ceremony 2020.

80 PHOTOS, EVERY NAME: MSHS Leadership ceremony

PROUD parents watched on as the Miles State High School leaders, and year 12 students were awarded with their badges, at the annual Student Leaders Investiture Ceremony yesterday.

The 2020 senior and junior school captains, sporting captains, committee chairpersons and student council executives and representatives where celebrated at the ceremony.

Here’s who is filling what roles at the school in 2020:

School Captain: Dawn Love.

School vice-captain: Rebecca Courte.

Junior Secondary Captains: Rosanna Courte and Harper Little.

Junior Secondary Vice Captains: Chanchira Cawley.

Sporting Captains

Binbian: Caitlin Steel and Connor Pogan.

Cameby: Amity Salisbury.

Committee Chairpersons

School and Community Citizenship: Harriet Young

Publications: Henry Bourne

School Based Events: Zane Creevey

RISE: Nikkita Finden and Harry Myers

Student Council Executives

President: Dawn Love

Vice President: Rebecca Courte

Secretary: Harriet Young

Treasurer: Caitlin Steel

Student Council Representatives

Year 7: Shanelle Brown, Hayley Palmer, Selina Richards and Mattise Gillon

Year 8: Nathan Dunn and Macy Gaze

Year 9: Rosanna Courte, Harper Little, Chanchira Cawley and Thomas York

Year 10: Connor Holmes and Dallas Connolly

Year 11: Campbell Thomas

2020 Year 12 students

Danielle Aird

Mitchell Anderson

Cara Barton

Henry Bourne

Rebecca Courte

Zane Creevey

Nikkita Finden

John Flores

Joshua Hayward

Charley Hinds

Kyle Lawardorn

Dawn Love

Moses Magri

Harry Myers

Lyall Nixon

Connor Pogan

Ramadhani Siasa

Layne Sinnamon

Caitlin Steel

Christian Vagg

Caleb Walsh

Emily Ward

Harriet Young