Chinchilla RSL SUB Branch Remembrance Day service 2019.
Chinchilla RSL SUB Branch Remembrance Day service 2019.

A special Remembrance Day visit

THE Chinchilla RSL Sub Branch held a particularly special Remembrance Day service this week with the 11th Light Horse Darling Downs troop in attendance looking immaculate in full uniform despite the blazing midday weather.

Commander Kym Flehr said the troop were honoured to attend the Chinchilla service.

“Our troop is made up entirely of volunteers who get involved because they want to help keep the history and ethos of the Light Horse alive,” he said.

“We’re a very active troop, we keep buys throughout the year by partaking in endurance and trail rides and shows around Southeast Queensland.

“We have 14 active riders and about 30 members in total, so not everyone is mounted but everyone who is involved is volunteering to honour the Light Horseman and their legacy, it’s not about playing dress-ups.

Mr Flehr’s own interest comes from his great grandfather who was a mounted light horsemen in the Boer War.

“I’ve had a great love of horses all my life and I enjoy studying war history and really enjoy the fact I get to do my part to keep it all going.

“We recently travelled out to Meandarra for the war museum’s 10th anniversary and some of the questions the school kids were asking just blew me away.

“They kept me answering really insightful questions for half an hour, I was really impressed with how switched on they were.

“All of them were so interested in learning about our history which I think shows Australia’s future is in good hands.”

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