There is an app to avoid shark attacks. Yes, really.
There is an app to avoid shark attacks. Yes, really. ScreenWest

Want to avoid a shark attack..Yep, there's an app for that

WITH up to eight deadly white pointer sharks patrolling the waters of the NSW North Coast, potential swimmers are wondering when it's safe to go into the water.

In the age of smart phones, you should not be surprised to find there is an app for that.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has released the SharkSmart app, which provides key information and resources to users to help further reduce the small risk of shark bite in NSW waterways.

The description of the app on the iTunes app store said features and resources include:

My Risk: It provides a range of interactive features and resources including a fundamental risk assessment profile that allocates a user into a 'risky' or 'safer' behaviour rating using factors understood to affect shark bite risk.

Risk rating escalates higher or lower subject to the input of the user (eg swimming at sunrise or dawn would increase the risk).

The risk level can be reduced by adjusting risky behaviour but never eliminated (unless the user doesn't go in the water).

Maps: This feature shows the general location of beaches in the Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program and local government-owned swimming locations (ocean baths, tidal baths, netted enclosures and roped-off areas) are also provided should the user choose to swim at one of these.

Shark ID: This feature presents quality images of dangerous and non-dangerous sharks for information and education purposes.

Social media: The app offers integrated social media channels hosted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

There's also a link to the Department's SharkSmart webpage so users can be up-to-date with the latest information provided by the department.

Information: Details about the NSW Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program are provided.

Other Safety Programs: The NSW Government hosts, supports and/or promotes a range of other water safety programs. Links to key programs are provided so user can get the most out of NSW waterways while staying safer.

Media reports on shark tagging reveal white pointers travelling up and down the NSW coast covering as much 2200km in a week.