BROWNIE POINTS: Reese and Kyan Leahy on Zanoni Street raising money for the local fire station. Pic: Peta McEachern
BROWNIE POINTS: Reese and Kyan Leahy on Zanoni Street raising money for the local fire station. Pic: Peta McEachern

Baking top treats for fireys

CHINCHILLA locals and baking aficionados Reese Leahy 10, and Kyan Leahy 9, have been raising money for the Chinchilla Fire Station one Anzac biscuit at a time.

The Leahys have been baking their hearts our raising money for local firefighters – from brownies to Anzac biscuits.

Setting up a stall and camping out on Zanoni Street Chinchilla, the Leahys have been selling homemade baked goods for just over a week, starting up on Monday, January 13.

Seeing the devastation and impact bushfires have had on the country, Reese said it made them want to try and help our local heroes by raising money for the Chinchilla Fire Station.

“We saw there was lots of fires around Queensland and New South Wales, and decided we wanted to help them by raising money,” Reese said.

“We saw the animals that are losing their habitats and that was really upsetting.”

Kyan said it’s important to help our firefighters because they play a vital role within our communities and work under extremely difficult circumstances.

“They’re putting their lives on the line for us, and they’re going away from their families to help us, and giving their time that they could be at home,” Kyan said.

People need to keep in mind the amount of pressure firefighters are under, Reese said.

“They’re important to their families, the community and to helping people, and saving people’s lives – people should keep in mind it’s not easy for them at the moment,” she said.

“There are people that are leaving their families to fight fire but some of them don’t come back.”

Seeing the fire that was deliberately lit in Dalby on Sunday, January 19, Kyan said people need to follow the rules when it comes to fire bans.

“Don’t try and deliberately light fires because it only backfires on yourself, and firefighters are losing their lives fighting fires, and the less firefighters that are getting into dangerous situations, the better,” he said.

Selling Anzac biscuits for $1.50, and brownies $1 a pop – the Leahys are only a few gold coins away from their goals of raising $100.

“We made Anzac biscuits and they sold really quickly, we’ve made about four to five batches of brownies,” Reese said.

“I bake heaps with mum, Kyan is more of a taster than he is a baker.”