SLITHER SEASON: Snakes are active in warm months.
SLITHER SEASON: Snakes are active in warm months. Contributed

This is how to be snake ready: Safety tips

SNAKES are a well-known, somewhat inevitable, and potentially dangerous, part of life in Australia.

As summer draws on and snakes are on the move, the Chinchilla News spoke to a local snake relocator for tips on how to deal with the slithering reptiles. Licensed snake relocator Natasha Herbert said the key to dealing with a snake was to remain calm.

"If the snake is in close proximity, they're best to stand still and just let it make its way, or of course if they can safely do so just move away calmly," Mrs Herbert said.

"They're not out to hunt people down... it's only when they feel threatened that they're likely to attack."

She said if a snake was in your house the best option was to contact a relocator and, if safe to do so, secure the area.

"So if it's in a room that can be closed off, close the doors, maybe put a towel or something along the bottom to cover any gaps," she said.

Mrs Herbert said the best way to prevent snakes coming near your home was to keep the area around the property clear.

"Try not to have things... stacked up close to the house, if you've got firewood, keep that off the ground, up on a rack, always keep a check on seals around your windows and doors," she said.

"If you have chickens and other animals... never let your kids go by themselves to retrieve the eggs, there could be a.... snake... in there.

"They are going to be looking for water, they move around in this heat but they don't generally like being out in the heat so they're going to try and find somewhere cooler to relocate to."

Mrs Herbert also warned to never try to kill snakes.

"It's not only dangerous but it's also highly illegal and there are very severe fines, penalties that can be imposed."