GAME DAY: St George Saints defeated Chinchilla 64-14 in A Grade.
GAME DAY: St George Saints defeated Chinchilla 64-14 in A Grade. Kelvin Bella

Bulldogs struggle with numbers against Saints

Rugby league: Ever gracious, the St George Saints have thanked their weekend competition for making the long journey to front them at Rowden Park.

Unfortunately, Chinchilla's Bulldogs struggled to front the numbers to put their best teams forward, forfeiting their reserve grade.

In the A-grade game, the Saints came out on top, pulling off a 64-14 score.

Saints president Kelvin Bella said although he was happy his club had come away with the win, he acknowledged the difficulties the opposition had faced to get there.

"I know they didn't have all their players front up, and we didn't play their best team,” Bella said.

"I feel for them. We played a mixture of under 18s, reserves and A grades that travelled to be here. And I thank them very much for at least coming out.

"We're looking forward to our top of the table clash against Roma this weekend. We're still not going in at full strength with 10 players now out, but we'll be doing the best we can.”

Chinchilla Bulldogs president Brad Smith said his club was struggling, as numbers continued to dwindle and commitment levels slacked off.

"We're really struggling for numbers this year. I think a lot of people work weekends and it makes them hard for them to play,” Smith said.

"People sometimes aren't willing to take days off for footy. Usually we go alright at home games, but a couple of our fellas can only get a couple of hours off. It's a whole day effort to travel to St George, which I think scares a lot of our fellas off playing.”

Chinchilla will meet Mitchell Magpies at the Kennel this weekend.