VISIONARIES: Member of the CCI and the community gather to discuss Chinchilla’s future at the CCCI 2040 vision workshop.
VISIONARIES: Member of the CCI and the community gather to discuss Chinchilla’s future at the CCCI 2040 vision workshop.

CCCI and community members discuss 2040 vision

FAST TRAINS, a big bus station, a mall and a country-themed timezone were just some of the ideas to come out of the Chinchilla Chinchilla Community Commerce and Industry Inc (CCCI) 2040 vision workshop.

The workshop which held last Thursday, brought together CCCI board members, businessman and women, members of government and senior school student to discuss our region's future.

The Chamber is currently working on a new five-year strategic plan, and the vision workshop was a crucial part of that plan.

It provided the opportunity for participants to discuss what they want to see as a community in Chinchilla in the next 20 years.

CCCI president Shannon McDermott stated it was all about diving into what opportunities do we want to see for ourselves, youth, businesses and seniors.

"For example, do we want water sports or a bigger and better parkland?" he said.

"Do we want universities here?

"What exactly is it that we want to see to make Chinchilla and surrounds a desirable place to the people?"

The workshop included discussions on why the session was important, what projects that would like to see in the town in 20 years and what the barriers were to those projects.

"The outcomes of what this workshop will be what we work on as a chamber in the next five or ten years to make it a reality," Mr McDermott said,

Some of the ideas that came up at the end of the day where technology hub, cultural spaces, improved tourism information centre and a junior chamber.

The Chamber will now be working compiling the findings from the workshop, create a survey, gain a deeper understanding of what the community wants and will then work towards implementing it in the future.

With Lindsay Marsden's bold idea of the parklands, the Chamber understands no idea is too big or too small.

"Lindsay Marsden was part of one of the forming groups into chamber who did amazing work over a very long period to see the Chinchilla Botanic parklands come to fruition," Mr McDermott said.

"That's a good reminder because if an idea seems abstract, we can think like Lindsay and be long-sighted and optimistic.

"We can come up with those big ideas because in 20 years it might happen and we might be looking back on this day very proud that we came up with that idea."