IN COURT: Chinchilla grandmothers behaving badly. Pic: Supplied
IN COURT: Chinchilla grandmothers behaving badly. Pic: Supplied

Chinchilla grandmothers that appeared in court in 2020

AGE bares no barriers when it comes to crime, here's a list of the most shocking crimes committed by Chinchilla grandparents during 2020:


Drug dealing nanna caught drug driving assaults police

A Chinchilla grandmother faced a huge rap sheet at court, racking up more than 13 charges which included drug dealing, assaulting police with a water hose, driving on meth, and brawling in the courtroom.

Katrina Mona-Margaret Gibson, 44, faced Chinchillas Magistrate court on Thursday, March 19, for 14 charges which included driving high on meth, stealing, assaulting police officers, drug supply and more.

The grandmother pleaded guilty to the charges and a conviction was recorded for all 14 offences.

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Grandmother convicted of drug dealing, caught with meth

A meth dealing Chinchilla grandmother has used back pain as her excuse for using drugs after her home was raided by police officers, a court has heard.

Noela Anne Garland had to face court for the second time in three months for drug related charges - this time at the Chinchilla Magistrates Court.

On Thursday, October 15, Garland pleaded guilty to the following five charges; one charge of possessing anything used in the commission of a crime, two charges of possessing dangerous drugs, one charge of failing to dispose of a needle or syringe, and failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

All five convictions were recorded.

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Grandmother of 12 convicted with drug charges

A Chinchilla grandmother faced court on an array of charges, including possession dangerous drugs, and receiving tainted property after police found $1870 in a secret compartment in her car.

The court heard Desley Anne Jackson also failed to appear in court in relation to the charges adding to her rap sheet.

Jackson pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking, possessing a cannabis pipe, possessing dangerous drugs, and possessing tainted property.

Convictions were recorded.

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Western Downs granny caught driving on meth 'for pain relief'

A grandmother whose licence was suspended for driving under the influence of meth, was busted driving two months later.

Sharon Marie Talbot pleaded guilty at Chinchilla Magistrates Court to two counts of driving with a relevant drug and one count of driving without a licence on Thursday, January 23.

A conviction was recorded for all charges.

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