PUT THE KETTLE ON: Raylene Harris, Lorna Gadsby, Lorraine Lee, and Margie Davis at the Biggest Morning Tea.
PUT THE KETTLE ON: Raylene Harris, Lorna Gadsby, Lorraine Lee, and Margie Davis at the Biggest Morning Tea. Brooke Duncan

Chinchilla's biggest morning tea bursting at the seams

NOT many people tend to enjoy braving a chilly, blustering autumn morning on the Downs but, for more than 170 Chinchilla residents, their determination to face the cold was well worth it.

The flowers were blooming, kettle boiling, and delicious baked goods were all ready to eat at the home of David and Raylene Harris on Monday as the couple hosted the Chinchilla Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea, run in conjunction with the Chinchilla Garden Club.

It's the second year the Harris' have opened up their home and garden for the event after the Chinchilla Cancer Council branch decided to reinvigorate the Biggest Morning Tea activities.

President Lorna Gadsby said after numbers started declining at their traditional morning tea in Fuller Place, Raylene offered her property as a new location, and suggested tying the morning tea in with the garden club's monthly meeting.

The change has made all the difference, with more than 140 attending last year, and more than 170 this year.

For Mrs Gadsby, had the weather been better it could have been an even bigger turnout, leaving her optimistic for the future of the revamped Chinchilla Biggest Morning Tea.

"I think the weather has probably kept a few of them away, it's a bit breezy and it's a bit dull,” Mrs Gadsby said.

"It's very pleasing to know that people are still coming, supporting cancer people.”

The day featured a delightful morning tea and lunch, along with market stalls, guest speakers, and a multi-draw raffle, all held amongst bright flowers and fluttering leaves.

But the real meaning of the day is, of course, about cancer awareness and fundraising, and as always Mrs Gadsby was thankful for the Chinchilla community support.

"We find our community very, very generous with their giving to cancer council, many people don't take raffle tickets but they'll always toss something into your bucket as a donation,” she said.

"They're very very willing in coming forward and very generous not only with their time but their cooking and their effort to make everything a success.”

The Cancer Council hasn't given up their customary Fuller Place celebrations. Head down on May 23 for their next Biggest Morning Tea.

To host your own, visit www.biggestmorningtea. com.au.

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