EVERY DROP COUNTS: Council releases new water restriction levels
EVERY DROP COUNTS: Council releases new water restriction levels Ablestock.com

Chinchilla's new water restrictions

CHINCHILLA'S water restriction levels have been changed from normal to conservation by the Western Downs Regional Council.

The new levels mean changes in the target amount of water used per person per day, changes in time to water and what can be used to water.

The main changes to be aware of include:

  • A target of 300L of per day, per person instead of the previous 480L.
  • Watering times have changed from 12-9am to 6-9am in the morning and from 4-7pm at night instead of the previous 4pm-12am.
  • Sprinklers are no longer allowed to be used under the new levels.

However washing of motor vehicles, boats, paved areas, driveways and house is still permitted along with topping up of water tanks, swimming pools, ponds and fountains.

But there is no watering on Mondays.

Here's a few examples of how much water you can use doing simple tasks:

Toilet: A dual flush uses 3 litres per half flush, 6 or 4.5 litres per full flush; single flush only uses 11 litres per flush

Shower: 6-11 litres per minute

Bath: 120 litres per filled bath

Brushing teeth: with water running uses three litres per minute; with a

cup uses just 0.5 litre per person

Washing hands with water running: 3 litres per minute

Washing dishes: by hand uses 15 litres per half-filled sink; dishwasher uses seven litres per load (five-star WELS rated), older dishwashers can use up to 25 litres per load

Washing clothes: by hand uses 22 litres per half-filled laundry trough; washing machine e.g. 6kg load capacity uses 30 litres per load (six-star WELS rated), 88 litres per load (three-star WELS rated), older machines up to 180 litres per load.