FINALS GAMES: The Condamine Codettes fought hard against Dalby in Goondiwindi on Saturday.
FINALS GAMES: The Condamine Codettes fought hard against Dalby in Goondiwindi on Saturday. Contributed

Condamine Codettes persevere through tough season

RUGBY UNION: After a season of ups and downs characterised by a persevering spirit, the Condamine Codettes bowed out in the finals in Goondiwindi.

The team of seven took the trip on Saturday, where they played first against Dalby before admitting defeat in a sudden-death game against St George.

Codettes coach Darren McTigue said it was already a challenge when a couple of players went down with the flu, leaving them with only seven to field.

Nonetheless he said the Codettes started well against Dalby.

"We just couldn't break their line and we changed ball over a couple of times, they scored a couple of quick tries,” McTigue said.

Dalby got up 17-nil before the Codettes fought back to make it 17-10 but in the end Dalby won 27-10.

"The girls played really well but they just couldn't break through,” McTigue said.

"Dalby defended really well, they only had eight too I think, they ended up with a few crook as well.

"It was a terrible day down there, windy and cold, but it was the same for everyone.”

The loss to Dalby put the Codettes into a sudden-death match against a "too good” St George team, who scored some quick tries.

"We couldn't really get back once they were up and they ran away with it in the end, 33-7,” McTigue said.

With that the season was over for the Codettes and McTigue was overall proud of their performance.

"We just came up against probably two better-drilled sides in the end,” he said.

It's an important note, with the club struggling to get players to training due to work commitments.

What made the season ever harder, McTigue said, was the slow collection of injuries.

"Two girls we lost this season with knee injuries and another one with a broken hand,” he said.

"So when you haven't got huge numbers and you lose three for the season it makes things a bit hard but the rest of the girls, they gave everything they could.”

McTigue said ideally the focus for next year was getting more players to training.

"Just so they can get used to even just training with each other, passing the ball and know each others' level so when they go and throw a pass they know where it has to go for each other and just getting that time together is a big help,” he said.

"Hopefully the majority of them play again, which I think they're going to, so we'll just build on this season and hopefully go a couple of games better.”

Meanwhile, for Codettes captain for the day and player of the day Molly Penfold, it was an amazing effort, all things considered.

"We knew that we had to go out there and we knew we had to win one game to continue through to the finals, so we really left it all out there on the field,” Penfold said.

"We struggled with our defence and our defensive line but we worked very hard in attack so I was really proud and happy with how the girls went.”

For Penfold, there's no doubt she'll be playing again next year.

"It gives us something to do out here other than work and hopefully we'll be able to recruit some more players coming home from school or some new faces in the district and be able to build the club up and aim for No.1 again next year.”