1NUMBER ONE: Crossroads took out the senior cricket grand final on Saturday.
1NUMBER ONE: Crossroads took out the senior cricket grand final on Saturday.

Crossroads’ three defining moments of the final

The stakes were high for the Crossroads Cricket Club, who were vying for their first premiership win in 25 years.

The stage was set for a big game of cricket as they took on the Canaga Cricket Club in a rematch of the 2018/2019 grand final.

Going down last year, Crossroads had a score to settle which, after bringing their A-game, they managed to do.

The underdogs took out the grand final with a score of 157 in almost 40 overs, then bowled out Canaga in 23 overs for 83 runs.

With players in the team playing for 12 years and never winning a grand final, it was a defining moment for the club.

“It’s huge for the club,” captain Dustin Tennyson said.

“More than one’s years’ worth of has gone into this one.

“Hopefully it brings in a whole lot of new members which will help build the club culture even more. We have a great club, but it will build it bigger.”

Three factors lead to such success.

1. Dustin and Reece mid-innings partnership.

After losing a few early wickets in the first innings, rivals Canaga had all the momentum in the first 15 overs of the match.

Then Dustin and Reece Gibson stepped up to pitch, batting ideally together.

“That was probably where the game was won and lost. It meant we were able to post a good score,” Tennyson said.

2. Sam Roberts, who took four wickets.

Knowing that the score they posted was still gettable, Crossroads came out intending to take early wickets.

“When we did that, the pressure was straight back on Canaga,” the captain said.

“Sam Roberts taking some early wickets really set the tone.”

3. The fielding efforts of the team

Wickets were crucial in the second innings and with limited dropped catches, it was made possible.

Also running to stop every ball that could have easily made its way to the boundary was also a factor that kept Canaga’s run rate so low.

“Our fielding and catching was exceptional in the last couple of weeks, and that was where the game was won and lost,” Tennyson said.