‘CROWD CONTROL’: Coast councillor labels Covid a ‘w**k’

A FRASER Coast councillor has described COVID-19 as a 'w**k' as parts of the country move into the most challenging phase of the crisis so far.

Commenting on a thread on his personal social media account, Councillor James Hansen said "I personally think the whole COVID thing is a wank 99% survival rate".

His comments received a mixed response from followers.

One said "tell the people who have lost their loved ones that it is a wank. I don't think they will agree with you" to which the councillor replied "Yes it's sad but in compared (sic) to how many die from the flu, it's a wank, crowd control".

Another follower seemed to agree with his comments, writing "your (sic) not wrong mate".

When contacted by the Chronicle Cr Hansen said the comments were his personal opinion.

"I'm happy to work within the guidelines set down," he said.

"That's my personal FB (Facebook) page that only reflects my personal opinion."

It comes after a state of disaster was declared in Victoria.

There were zero new cases recorded overnight in Queensland where 12 cases remain active.

A Council spokesperson said the Council does not control or manage statements made by Councillors on their personal Facebook sites.

"Councillor's personal comments on social media should not be seen as a reflection of the Council's position on any matter," they said.

A Queensland Health spokesperson told the Chronicle they have faith in Queenslanders being able to tell the difference between a medical opinion informed by evidence, experience and years of training and a comment on social media informed by other comments on social media.