CAKES: The depressed cupcakes were a hit at Opera at Jimbour.
CAKES: The depressed cupcakes were a hit at Opera at Jimbour. Contributed

Cupcakes start a dialogue

MORE than 1000 depressed cupcakes were eaten at Opera at Jimbour this year, with each cake opening a new and important discussion.

Depressed Cake Shop Western Downs has followed an international movement of making cupcakes with sad faces.

The intention is to open up conversations about mental health.

Run by the Western Downs Suicide Prevention Working Group, their first major event at Opera at Jimbour was a success.

Stall organiser Louise Judge said the cupcakes helped people open up about the important issue.

"People were more than happy to engage with us and have the conversations around mental well-being and suicide, so from our perspective it went really well,” she said.

Cr Kaye Maguire said the initiative worked brilliantly because of its fun nature.

"Depressed cakes is just a fun way to get the conversation started - people say what do you mean a depressed cake?” she said.

"They usually think it's sunk in the middle, which is how I cook.”

"We need to ensure we talk to each other and also find the right person to find the help that you need, and that's something I am really passionate about in my role with council.”

Cr Maguire said it wouldn't have been a success without a dedicated team of volunteer bakers.

"We have a fantastic team of volunteers in Chinchilla and people who helped us spend two days baking, icing and decorating over 1000 cupcakes,” she said.