IN COURT: Aiden John Bruggemann faced Dalby Magistrates Court on January 19. Picture: File
IN COURT: Aiden John Bruggemann faced Dalby Magistrates Court on January 19. Picture: File

Dalby dad kicks female cop with his children in next room

While a Dalby man's children slept in a nearby room, their father kicked a female police officer in the stomach after being tasered by police during a bizarre arrest.

Aiden John Bruggemann, 31, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on January 19 for obstructing and assault police on December 6.

The court heard officers arrived at his home about 7.30pm after receiving a triple-zero call, and were welcomed by Bruggemann who warned he would "punch their heads in" if they entered his home.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told the court Bruggemann continued to yell at them in a "nonsensical manner", with police believing he may have been drug affected.

They entered his home and told him to calm down during their investigations, while Bruggemann continued to clench and unclench his fists while swearing at them.

The court was told Bruggemann finally said to police "I surrender", before headbutting a glass cabinet behind him.

Sergeant Brady said he placed an imminent threat to police, and was subsequently tasered and handcuffed.


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Bruggemann began to struggle, and during the chaotic arrest, he kicked a female officer in the stomach.

He was later restrained and then taken into custody.

The court heard Bruggemann's children were in the house during the incident with police.

Defence solicitor Michael McElhinny said he was instructed by the 31-year-old nursery worker that the triple-0 call was not made because of his actions, but in relation to a friend of his who had left.

He told the court that Bruggemann was "somewhat stirred up" by the argument with his friend and was extremely intoxicated, but admits his behaviour was "disgraceful".

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Bruggemann he was pleading guilty to "appalling behaviour", involving people who were simply doing their job as police officers.

"I hope you are ashamed and embarrassed as a father for being here before the courts," she said.

He was fined $750 for both charges, and ordered to pay $300 compensation to the female police officer he assaulted.

A conviction was recorded.