Dalby mum busted selling high purity meth on Facebook

Facebook is often touted as being the best to stay connected with friends, but for Dalby mother of four Deborah Ann Walker, she found the social network as a great way to sell meth and weed to fiends.

Mother of four Deborah Ann Walker pleaded guilty to six charges of supplying dangerous drugs at the Dalby District Court on Friday, February 12.

Crown prosecutor Matthew Le Grand said the 52-year-old who was on probation for a stint of drug driving convictions, organised to sell the drugs over a six-day period in May, 2020.

Mr Le Grand said Walker made arrangements to sell high purity methamphetamine to four customers, marijuana to one, and an unknown schedule two drug to another.

“The most serious count… that was the arrangement for the supply of 3.5 grams of methamphetamine at the cost of $1200,” he said.

“It indicates this isn’t necessarily simply a case of supplying to friends… I would indicate she was engaged in it for a commercial benefit.”

Mr Le Grand said when Walker was pulled over in 2019 for drug driving, she told officers she was addicted to the heinous drug.

Defence barrister Frank Martin told the court Walker started using meth 18 months ago after a weekend away with friends who then introduced her to the drug.

Mr Martin said the mum was seeking rehabilitation through her probation order, as well as through Lives Lived Well.

Judge Catherine Muir said even though Walker was facing low level supply charges, the offence was aggravated because of the methamphetamine.

“You just have to sit in any court in this state and you will see the devastating effect and impact this drug has on the lives of ordinary people… and their families,” she said.

The Dalby mum who had no criminal history was sentenced to six months imprisonment for charges one to five, and 12 months imprisonment for charge six.

Judge Muir said the sentences would be served concurrently and fixed an immediate parole release date.

“If you come before the court again on drug offences of any nature it is very likely you will spend time of actual imprisonment… (and) if you breach your parole will be sent to jail,” she said.



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