THREATS OF FIRE: Abbie Kathleen Johnson faced Dalby Magistrates Court on several criminal charges. Picture: Facebook
THREATS OF FIRE: Abbie Kathleen Johnson faced Dalby Magistrates Court on several criminal charges. Picture: Facebook

Dalby teen threatens to burn house down with child inside

AN EARLY morning wake up call by a toddler resulted in his dad being assaulted by a Dalby teenager, before she threatened to burn their house down with the child inside.

Dalby Magistrates Court heard of the bludgeoning 19-year-old Abbie Kathleen Johnson gave her former boyfriend in the early hours of September 14.

Johnson faced court charged with seven offences which included common assault (domestic violence offence), commit public nuisance (domestic violence offence), threatening violence by words or conduct (domestic violence offence), trespassing, and two breaches of bail.

The court heard of the eventful morning in Dalby, when the victim attended to his young son who had woken up about 6.30am.

Abbie Kathleen Johnson. Picture: Facebook
Abbie Kathleen Johnson. Picture: Facebook

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said the abrupt awakening of the child caused an argument between the pair, acting as a catalyst for what was to come.

"While attending to the child the defendant was going off in the bedroom, and the victim muttered 'we're done'," snr const Tahana said.

"The defendant has then walked into the room saying 'we're done are we?'"

Johnson walked in and began raining blows upon the aggrieved, punching him in the side of the head, and then his forehead.

The court heard he tried to pick the child up, when Johnson then punched him in the ribs.

The victim grabbed the child and attempted to leave their house, when he received another two blows to the back of the head.

"The victim left the room and attempted to call police," snr const Tahana said.

"The defendant then followed him and said 'you're going to call the cops are you?'"

Johnson has then grabbed his phone, upon which the victim has fled the house.

The court heard the victim was only metres outside of his home when Johnson yelled "I will burn your f---ing house down". 

The victim then walked down the street with his child in his arms, and attempted to wave a car down to call police.

Johnson was hot on his tail, screaming at him to "get his f---ing arse home".

Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File
Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File

A neighbour across the street was able to offer both the man and his child shelter, but Johnson's vitriolic abuse continued.

After knocking on their front door, she told the neighbour if the aggrieved was there he should return home, or she was going to "burn the house down".

The court heard the neighbour asked her to leave five times, to which she responded she would burn the house down "with [his] kid in it".

After police arrived, she made admissions to slapping the aggrieved, and threatening to burn both houses down.

She was then issued with a notice to appear.

The two breach of bail charges related to Johnson attempting to communicate with the aggrieved four hours after the fight at 10.25am, and then again on September 16.

Duty lawyer Claire Graham said Johnson came before the court with no criminal history, stating she had been diagnosed with severe anxiety, and depression.

The court heard the defendant had raised the two-year-old "as her own", even though they weren't biologically related.

Ms Graham said Johnson was now relocating to Brisbane following the incident.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Johnson punching someone while they were holding a two-year-old wasn't her "finest hour", and said she needed her mental health issues addressed.

Johnson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 months probation for all charges.

A conviction was not recorded.