'Disturbing': Naked photos being shared at school

POLICE have warned young people on the Northern Rivers to be vigilant after reports of nude photos circulating in a local school.

Richmond Police District crime prevention officer senior constable David Henderson said police had received "disturbing" reports about images of a naked school-aged child being shared by students.

"This matter is currently under investigation," he said.

"It is a criminal offence to take, transmit or possess images that are considered child pornography (of a person under 18 years)."

He said this could attract up to 10 years' prison.

"The consequences of taking private photographs of yourself and sending them could cause you and your family a great deal of embarrassment for a very long time," he said.

"Once you have sent them you have no control of where they go or what they are used for.

"More importantly, you can't get them back even if you want to."

He urged those who receive something inappropriate to not delete it, but alert a trustworthy adult as soon as possible.