DONATION: Origin has partnered with Drought Angels, donating $175,000 over the next three years. Pic: Supplied
DONATION: Origin has partnered with Drought Angels, donating $175,000 over the next three years. Pic: Supplied

Drought Angels receive funds to help farmers doing it tough

RECORD low rainfall, devastating fires and the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged farming communities across Australia – some rain has fallen, but the drought is far from over in most areas.

Lending a helping hand, Origin has partnered with Drought Angels to acknowledge the ongoing hardship farmers face in regional areas, donating $175,000 over the next three years to help support local communities.

Origin General Manager, Condabri, Talinga and Orana Assets, Alexandra Kennedy-Clark said the $175,000 is additional to donations of more than $200,000 that has been donated across the past three years.

“We have worked closely with Chinchilla based Drought Angels to develop a partnership that minimises overheads and gets more money into the hands of those who need it most,” Ms Kennedy-Clark said.

“I am proud that we have been able to build a strong relationship with Drought Angels, who do such great work supporting not only farmers, but so many other regional small businesses,” she said.

Origin’s new partnership with Drought Angels includes a tailored solar package, upgraded systems and improvements to current infrastructure.

Director of Drought Angels Jenny Gailey is pleased to see Origin continuing to support local communities.

“Australian farmers are proud and more often than not don’t reach out,’ Ms Gailey said.

“I look forward to working with Origin… so we can help these families in a meaningful and discreet manner.

“Our new three-year partnership with Origin will help us grow our capabilities, allowing us to continue our mission of supporting all primary producers Australia wide.”

Origin is Australia’s largest energy retailer and has a range of support available to customers who may be in financial distress.

“Origin would like to encourage our customers affected by drought, fire or COVID-19, to contact us for advice on how we can best support them through these difficult times. We have a range of payment assistance options available to support customers,” Ms Kennedy- Clark, said.

Customers experiencing financial hardship can request a payment extension online or they can speak to Origin about additional support available to assist in managing their accounts by calling 13 24 61.