Watch: Echidna makes himself at home


WHILE some people think echidnas maybe harmless animals, one prickly anteater has caused a "spike" of break-ins at a Sunshine Coast property.

In a video that went viral earlier this week, animal carer Donna Brennen captured the moment Novak the echidna opened her screen doors and made himself at home.

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While Novak is currently in the care of Ms Brennan after being found on the roadside earlier this year, the act had caught completely caught her off-guard.

"I normally let Novak roam around my back yard, as he needs to feed on small insects," she said.

"Though I didn't expect him to let himself into the house."

While this type of behaviour has been a new experience for the animal wildlife carer, Ms Brennan reveals it does not surprise her, with most people not aware of how intelligent echidnas are.

"Most people see them as small, prickly creatures with not a large brain, but I've seen my fair share of smart moves from Novak and other echidnas," she said.

While Novak's knack for opening doors maybe useful at his current residence, his imminent re-release back into the Sunshine Coast wild will allow him to use his street smarts in a more natural setting.



Originally published as Watch: Echidna makes himself at home