‘Embarrassment’: Biden’s brutal Trump sledge


Donald Trump's stubborn refusal to concede defeat is an "embarrassment" that will harm his long-term legacy, victor Joe Biden has claimed.

Speaking to reporters in Delaware early on Wednesday morning Australian time, the President-elect was asked for his opinion on Mr Trump's unprecedented post-election stance.

But Mr Biden's savage response revealed he was wasn't losing sleep over the ongoing drama.

"I think it's an embarrassment, quite frankly," a visibly bemused Mr Biden said with a smile.

"This only thing - how can I say this tactfully? I think it will not help the president's legacy.

"I know from my discussion with world leaders thus far that they are hopeful that the United States' democratic institutions are once again viewed as strong and enduring.

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"But I think at the end of the day it's all going to come to fruition on January 20th and between now and then, my hope and expectation is that the American people do know and do understand that there has been a transition."

Mr Biden finally emerged as the election winner over the weekend after a painstakingly slow ballot count.

He has so far secured 290 electoral college votes, compared with Mr Trump's 214.

To win a US election, a candidate must secure a crucial 270 electoral college votes to claim victory, and while three states - Alaska, Georgia and North Carolina - are still counting, they would not make a difference to the final result.

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The Democratic Party candidate also won the popular vote by almost five million ballots - but Mr Trump has repeatedly made unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud, claiming his rivals were attempting to "steal" the election.

Many world leaders have already congratulated Mr Biden on his win, as have many senior Republican Party figures, including former US President George W Bush, who also declared the election was "fundamentally fair" and "its outcome is clear."

However, others have leapt to Mr Trump's defence, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sensationally declaring there would be a "smooth transition to a second Trump administration" this morning.

The stunning claim was delivered with a slight chuckle, raising questions as to whether the comment was intended to be a joke - but that hasn't stopped furious Americans from comparing the situation to "treason" and "fascism".

This morning Mr Trump continued to dog in his heels, taking to Twitter yet again to declare "We will WIN!!"



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