A marriage proposal after a week? If it's right, it's right, says Kathy Sundstrom.
A marriage proposal after a week? If it's right, it's right, says Kathy Sundstrom. Robert Willett

Engaged in a week, married in three months

WHAT kind of person gets engaged a week after meeting a person and married in three months?

And no, it wasn't an arranged marriage and she wasn't pregnant.

Looking at some of the comments on this week's story of Alex and Karlie Tan's engagement I have to wonder more about this couple.

There were those who scoffed the Alex and Karlie were engaged after only dating for seven months even though they had been friends for more than a decade.

Today it seems relationships follow a course of meeting someone, get to know them for about three years and then, maybe, consider getting engaged and spend another two or three years planning a wedding.

You would hope by then you would know what you were getting into before making a permanent commitment.

So why would a sane, reasoning couple get hitched in such a short time-frame unless they were in Vegas, they were drunk (or drugged) and one of their surnames was Spears?

The truth is, looking back now, half my life ago since I made that momentous decision to say "yes" after a week, I struggle to explain the science of why.

I shake my head at the craziness of it and as my children get older I would cringe if they had to follow the course their parents did.

It's not like either of us were desperate. I had experienced the highs and lows of love several times before and Doug a wasn't short of offers.

He would say he was waiting for the right woman and, well, I blew him away.

Love at first sight and all those clichés that make me vomit when I hear someone else talk about them.

I would say I knew enough about him in that first week to be able to make the decision to spend the rest of my life with him, so why wait?

Ultimately, what we can say after 23 years of marriage is, there is no secret formula to lasting happiness.

Whether you have known each other for a week or a decade, the success of your relationship will depend on both of you deciding to make it a success.