The tools of the trade are changing for farmers in our region, but are they keeping up?
The tools of the trade are changing for farmers in our region, but are they keeping up? shotbydave

FARMERS: 5 phone apps you should download now

IN AN age of smart phones, farming advice is constantly on hand. But are our region's agriculturalists embracing these digital tools?

Southern Downs farmer Andrew Costello said all farmers now had smart phones, and it was only a matter of time before they began to utilise them to their full potential

"I think with time they will start to use more of the apps that are available to them," he said.

Mr Costello says his mobile comes in handy to check weather conditions and market trends.

Here are five handy apps that could help you transform your business.

1. AgWorld

This handy application allows farmers and agronomists to connect with one another and keep track of their crops through mapping, rotations, inputs and outputs.

Agworld on the App Store

2. BackPaddock

When it comes to logging and monitoring soil test results, venture no further that your BackPaddock.

This tool that helps farmers log and monitor their soil test results.

Back Paddock Mobile Suite

3. F-Track Live

User-friendly and simple to use, tracking mob livestock movements is made easy with F-track Live.

It was designed by farmers and is tries and tested in the field.

The app can also log cropping information like variety, treatments and sowing rate.

F-Track on the App Store

5. Feral scan

The effort that goes into monitoring and controlling invasive animals can take a toll on farmers, but this handy tool helps lighten the load.

FeralScan lets you take log and share information about feral animal sightings like when and where the pest was spotted and what damage it caused.

Feral Scan on the App Store