CELEBRATING CULTURE: Fashion and food from Mabuhay Filipino Community at last year's One Long Table.
CELEBRATING CULTURE: Fashion and food from Mabuhay Filipino Community at last year's One Long Table. Amani Vassiliou

Filipino food and fashion at One Long Table festival

THERE'S just one month left until Heeney Street is transformed into the round-the-world culinary bonanza - One Long Table.

With the festival drawing ever nearer, food vendors and stallholders are busy preparing their final menus of fabulous food sure to tantalise the taste buds.

For the Mabuhay Filipino Community co-ordinator Jed Robinson, their menu is a solid offering sure to please.

"We're serving a spring roll, the noodles, fried chicken wings and fried rice,” Mrs Robinson said.

"So we're having four different dishes in that one serving.

"This year my husband wants to do a Dagwood Dog, so that's new in this One Long Table for us! Got Filipino with a twist - I don't know where Dagwood Dog comes from!”

Those with a sweet tooth, don't fret. The Mabuhay Filipino Community has some tasty treats in store too.

"There'll also be a Filipino dessert as well,” Mrs Robinson said.

"We're having a sticky rice and a cassava cake - it's like a sweet potato, you grate it and then you bake it.”

Mrs Robinson said it's the second year of One Long Table for the Mabuhay Filipino Community, who got involved after a friend of Mrs Robinson (who originally organised the Filipino contribution to the festival) was unable to do it and approached Mrs Robinson.

"I asked Gaye (CCCI events manager) to make sure we were able to, at that time, and so we had a bit of a chat and I asked a few questions, what's expected from us and what we can offer to the community,” Mrs Robinson said.

The rest, as they say, is history. But food isn't the only contribution by Mabuhay Filipino Community, who will once again put on a fashion show.

"Last year I was doing just a full-on Filipino costume. This year I've added a few different countries that can represent with their traditional clothing,” Mrs Robinson said.

"So I've got a few lined up already, so we've got something a bit different showcasing the traditional clothing of different countries.”

For Mrs Robinson, One Long Table is both a chance to integrate into Australian culture and showcase her own.

"With One Long Table it actually gives us an opportunity as part of the community who've been welcomed in Australia with very open arms, and being able to participate in the community actually help us basically to integrate and be part of the community,” she said.

"Just sharing also our culture and being recognised.

"With the multicultural (fashion) displays I don't think it was presented when the One Long Table started so for me to share as part of the One Long Table I think it's a great opportunity to showcase that.”

One Long Table will run from 4pm along Heeney St on September 14.