Volunteers first responders have been set up in Cecil Plains.
Volunteers first responders have been set up in Cecil Plains.

First responders lend a hand in Cecil Plains

FIVE people have stepped up to the challenge in Cecil Plains and taken on the roles of volunteer first responders.

In collaboration with the Cecil Plains community, the Queensland Ambulance Service, Cecil Plains First Responders has been established and is now active within the community.

The volunteer first responders are trained in first aid and can render such lifesaving care as CPR and haemorrhage control until paramedics arrive from a surrounding town like Dalby, Millmerran or Pittsworth.

When available, first responders will initially attend the scene of an emergency and are activated after a road ambulance is dispatched from the closest, most appropriate location.

First responders do not replace a paramedic response to a Tripe Zero call.

The first responders’ group currently has five members in various locations around Cecil Plains and support is provided from the Dalby Ambulance Station.

Officer in Charge at Dalby Matthew Davenport said ambulance response times could be anywhere from 30 minutes from Dalby and up to 40 minutes from Pittsworth.

“If the truck’s available at the time of the Triple 0 call is made, and there’s not another emergency where it gets diverted, depending on what happens, there’s at least a 30- minute lag time from time of call received,” Mr Davenport said.

Lag times like these are common in regional Queensland due to how spread out communities can be.

Mr Davenport said first responders were trained in first aid to an advanced level.

“They’ve just got a bit more experience in providing first aid,” he said.

They are also trained to deliver oxygen, administer salbutamol for asthma, use a defibrillator and administer CPR.

The Dalby Ambulance Station and Cecil Plains First Responders will continue to train together regularly.