WOMEN'S RUGBY: Codamine Codettes vs the Dalby Wheatchix at the Rugby 7's carnival in Roma.
WOMEN'S RUGBY: Codamine Codettes vs the Dalby Wheatchix at the Rugby 7's carnival in Roma. Jackie Erickson

Fishing for recruits

THE CODETTES are on the lookout for more players to jump off the sidelines and into the Fish Tank after a good start to the first ever season of the Darling Downs women's rugby sevens competition.

The recently formed team has garnered strong interest and while they already have around nine players, they are putting a call out for new recruits to make up a full and permanent squad.

Team captain Jess Mickelborough said anyone interested in playing women's rugby sevens is welcome to join the team no matter how old they are or what their experience level is.

"We have players that are just 18 through to about the age of 40; it is a very fast paced game, a lot like touch, so there is lots of running but our fitness levels in the team vary massively as well. And we sub a lot in sevens so you don't have to be a fitness gun as such,” she said.

"If you're familiar with touch you can definitely play.

"At first getting the girls was a bit of a challenge and getting the girls excited about it because none of them have played before so they were nervous.

"But it's great for fitness because sevens is such a fast paced game and there's such a team spirit and all the girls have a great bond; the friends you make out of it is great, and meeting new people through the other teams and because the competition is so new everyone is in same boat and we're all learning.

Ms Mickelborough said the team train every Thursday night at 7pm and while the side initially formed to play two tournament days the downs draw now has them playing every second weekend.

"All of our girls are off farms and that kind of thing, so everyone travels a long way to get there just to be able to come to training. I'm really proud of the commitment the girls have made already and it's great to see.

"The most important part is to have fun, and meeting new people is our goal more so than winning, it brings the girls out in the rural areas together and it's a good opportunity because there's not many sporting opportunities for women so it's a good chance to get together.”

Anyone interested in joining the Codettes can contact Jess on 0428 086 757.