GOOD CAUSE: Tuxedo's Hair Salon owner Megan Dwyer and World's Greatest Shave participant Nathan Pfeffer.
GOOD CAUSE: Tuxedo's Hair Salon owner Megan Dwyer and World's Greatest Shave participant Nathan Pfeffer. Brooke Duncan

For the legacy of friends we haven't met

WHEN a friend he'd never met died of leukaemia last year, it hit close to home for Nathan Pfeffer.

The Chinchilla resident has long enjoyed online gaming and counts as friends fellow gamers all over the world, including Esteban Hernandez.

Mr Pfeffer said the pair spoke nearly every day online but it wasn't until they'd been talking for a few months he heard part of Mr Hernandez's story.

At only 17, Mr Hernandez had already been diagnosed with - and cleared of - cancer multiple times.

Mr Pfeffer said the pair planned to meet for Mr Hernandez' 21st birthday in a few years but, after getting busy and not chatting for about a month, Mr Pfeffer said awful news was waiting for him.

"He'd been diagnosed with leukaemia and, at that point he said treatment was going really well,” Mr Pfeffer said.

About a month passed and Mr Pfeffer hadn't heard from his friend. Growing worried, he looked him up on social media.

"There was a whole heap of posts saying that he'd passed away and his funeral date and a lot of family and friends posting stuff on his timeline,” he said.

"So that hit me pretty hard and I got pretty emotional about it.”

But then Mr Pfeffer remembered the World's Greatest Shave and said he "felt like it was something I could do, as part of my contribution to his legacy, help out other families that are going through similar to what his family went through.”

His fundraising target was $560 - enough, he said, to cover accommodation for a patient receiving treatment away from home. Just the other day, he reached it.

"The Coffee Club has been really helpful in fundraising by having the donation bucket at the counter and that sort of thing, people have been really willing to help out through that way, but I've also got a few online donations as well,” Mr Pfeffer said.

"It's definitely a really good cause to help out and it's a really good way to build community and show support for struggling families who are going through leukaemia treatment.”

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