JOB WAITING: Maor "Mykie” Arjuan cannot find the right person with the right experience for a full-time job at his restaurant. Che Chapman

Full-time restaurant job goes begging for two months

A SUNSHINE Coast employer says he is struggling to find someone with the right experience locally to fill a $50-60,000 a year full-time job.

Maor "Mykie” Arjuan, who owns Mykies by the Bay at Parrearra, has been searching for a restaurant manager for about two months.

He is advertising online that he is "looking outside of the Sunshine Coast” for a "talented individual” with "big city experience” to bring a "fresh approach” to the job.

Mr Arjuan said he would be happy to employ a Sunshine Coast local but had so far been unable to find anyone with the right background and skills who could work the required hours.

"I'll be straight up, we get a lot of people with experience of KFC and Hungry Jack's (applying) and it's just not the right type (of experience),” he said.

"I was getting 20-year-old kids and that's not what I was looking for. And the older ages, they want to work only 20 hours,” he said.

Mr Arjuan said he had nothing against young workers from takeaway food backgrounds trying to work their way into better positions but restaurant manager was too much of a leap.

He hopes to lure a candidate from interstate or even New Zealand with top level hospitality industry experience but said he would be just as happy to employ a local.

"I just want someone from hospitality with experience and who's passionate about the industry,” he said.

"My aim is to get someone who is most suited for the position. If they're coming from the Sunshine Coast or from somewhere else, it doesn't matter to me.”