IN COURT: Stephen Francis Obrien fronted Chinchilla court for numerous charges after a drunken night out in town. Pic: Supplied
IN COURT: Stephen Francis Obrien fronted Chinchilla court for numerous charges after a drunken night out in town. Pic: Supplied

Gas worker urinated inside Chinchilla pub, refused to leave

A Chinchilla gas worker was so loaded he unzipped his pants while on the deck of a local pub and urinated on seats as horrified patrons watched on in disbelief.

The night out in town on September 17, resulted in a slew of charges for Origin Energy worker Stephen Francis Obrien.

Police prosecutor Derek Brady said at 8.15pm police were called the pub, where the manager showed officers CCTV footage of the incident.

"It showed him sitting on the deck of the pub, before he stood up and began to urinate, this continued, he urinated on the bench close to where he was sitting," sergeant Brady said.

"There was a number of people around that certainly appeared to be disturbed by his actions."

Sergeant Brady said after being kicked out the 29-year-old tried to get back into the pub and began abusing and challenging patrons on the deck.

The court heard while the Roma-born man waited on the street for his wife to pick him up, he was argumentative and belligerent towards officers.

On Thursday, February 4, Obrien pleaded guilty to the following charges; urinating in public, obstructing police, and committing public nuisance inside a licensed premise

Defence lawyer Jessica Hine told the court the soon-to-be father of four had two similar past entries on his criminal record, although had cleaned up his act when his fist child was born in 2015.

Ms Hine made a submission to Magistrate Tracy Mossop to impose a fine and not record a conviction as it would hinder the dads future employment opportunities and weapons licence.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said to Obrien, "I would simply just like to say to you - aren't you an idiot?"

"That night… you put in jeopardy your employment, you were stood down for one day," she said.

"It would also affect you having a weapons licence… for something so silly as a drunken night out on the town where you got out of control.

"I thought I might hear something about you perhaps stumbling out to a garden or wall out of sight, but no, you stood up and actually peed on the deck - that's appalling."

Magistrate Mossop said the gas workers actions showed he may have an issue with alcohol, especially his complete disregard and lack of respect for police.

"I have no doubt that in the cold sober light of day when you realised what you had done, you were genuinely remorseful to police," she said.

Magistrate Mossop fined Obrien $1000 and did not record a conviction for the offence.








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