DONATIONS NEEDED: Stephanie and Danyelle Steinberg are calling for nonperishable items to help fire victims.
DONATIONS NEEDED: Stephanie and Danyelle Steinberg are calling for nonperishable items to help fire victims.

Girls call for community support to help fire victims

WHETHER it’s a town devastated by a flood, ripped apart by a cyclone or left in ashes after a bush fire, a Wandoan woman has always come to the aid of the heartbroken victims.

Ever since she was in high school, Heather Steinberg has been compelled to help those worse off than her , delivering hampers of non-perishable items to those who have lost their homes due to a natural disaster.

“When Condamine flooded twice I was living in Tin Can Bay at the time so we collected donations, popped them in the ute and drove them down there,” she said.

“Anytime there is a major event that happened, ever since high school I’ve helped out because it’s something I enjoy doing.

“I’ve helped out with the bushfire appeal, the Variety club, Leukaemia Foundation and when Cyclone Yasi happened, I was there collecting hampers again.”

However, after the fires tore through Queensland and New South Wales, it was Ms Steinberg’s two teenage daughters Stephanie and Danyelle who are following in their mother’s footsteps.

The girls are seeking non-perishable food items, toiletries, sanitary items, cleaning products, pet supplies, gift cards, food/fuel vouchers, school suppliers, books and Christmas gifts.

Once enough items are received they will be packing their Landcruiser, stacking the trailer sky high and delivering the items to people in Crows Nest, Taree and Tenterfield.

“I’ve heard on the news about the things people are going through and one particular story that stands out to me is a man in Taree in New South Wales only just recently lost this wife to cancer and about four weeks ago he lost his house in the fires,” Ms Steinberg.

“It’s something that you would hope no one would ever have to go through so it’s people like this we are trying to help.”

The girls have been running the campaign for four weeks now and unfortunately haven’t had any donations from people in the area.

“To say we are disappointed would be an understatement,” Ms Steinberg said.

“We understand that money can be tight at the moment but it can be as simple as a tin of spaghetti.”

“It doesn’t take much to help those who are in worse situation doesn’t take much.”

Donations can be posted or dropped off to the girls’ address in Wandoan or to make things easier if friends, family or school want to get a whole of heap of donations together, the family does come to Chinchilla once a week and can collect them from anyone.

The girls have also put a challenge out to any school within the region to get on board and for staff, students and parents to start collecting items and help those people in a worse situation then themselves.

If you would like to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of the recent fire victims, get in with Heather Steinberg on Facebook for more information. They look foward to hearing from you.