HAVE A GO: Players of all ages enjoy playing at the Chinchilla Open Tennis Tournament.
HAVE A GO: Players of all ages enjoy playing at the Chinchilla Open Tennis Tournament. Brooke Duncan

Give tennis a swing in 2019

Tennis: If you've ever thought you like to take a swing at tennis, now is the perfect time.

Chinchilla Tennis Association is hosting a come and try tennis fun day next weekend to give residents a chance to test their arm in the sport.

Association president Don Bell said the free event, supported by Tennis Australia and Tennis Queensland, would include games and competitions, free play and coaching.

"We'll also have some organised events... we'll have the Hot Shots nets out for the kids, or for the adults if they want to play with them too, we'll got our coaches coming and it'll be some free coaching,” Bell said.

"We're going to have a TV set up because the Australian Open will be on so we'll have that playing inside the club house so people can see what's happening there.”

Bell said it was a great way to raise awareness of tennis in the Chinchilla community, and hopefully garner some more players in the social and fixture games coming up this season.

"We're hoping to get some people who can play so they can join our fixtures, but that's not essential.

"Just people who are thinking they might be interested in having a go at tennis, it's just called a come and try day, so come and try, see what you can do.”

The club will have spare racquets on hand, so there's no reason not to go have a hit.

"I think it's the best sport but I'm probably biased,” Bell joked.

"There're probably a lot of people who think other ones are, but I just think it's good because you can play when you're young, and I'm 67 nearly and I keep playing and so you can

continue playing as you get older.

"And it's very social because you can play with your friends or you can play as hard as you like, competitively as you like.

"You can be just having a good muck around time or you can be going your hardest and being properly competitive, it gives you that kind of range of competition and caters for all kids of abilities.”

Bell said the club was looking forward to welcoming new members - a key focus for this season.

"We've got an enthusiastic number of people who play and help out and do the things that club members do, so it's not too bad but we would like to increase our club membership, that's probably our main aim at the moment,” he said.

"I'd really like to get some more people playing fixtures, so kids whether they're starters or can play, and then people who are able to play.

"To play our fixtures you don't have to be a champion. We grade our players from one through to four so the ones are probably pretty handy players and the fours are sometimes beginners or people who haven't played, maybe played a few years ago.”

If you're interested in having a swing, the event will be held from 3pm on Saturday, January 19, at the Chinchilla Tennis Club on Boyd Street.

There'll even be a barbecue dinner about 6pm.

For more information check out the Chinchilla Tennis Association Facebook page.