MATCH TIME: Graham Sells shooting at VRA Bendigo Range.
MATCH TIME: Graham Sells shooting at VRA Bendigo Range.

Graham Sells set to shoot in NZ

SHOOTING: Chinchilla rifleman Graham Sells is set to compete in the Trans Tasman Teams matches in Trentham, New Zealand, in January.

Sells, who was selected for the Australian rifle team in September, is excited to head over to New Zealand for a week of competition.

Sells said he went to compete at the VRA Bendigo Range, in Victoria, last month for a trial run, to meet his team mates and to fly for the first time with firearms and ammunition.

"It was just the perfect thing to practise flying with firearms because I have never done that before.

"Having a dry run, seeing if I was able to get my rifle down there with all my gear and go to a strange range and still be able to shoot respectably...

"Bendigo is a very, very tough range and I wanted something like that just get me into match practise, which certainly did.

"It was probably one if the toughest ranges that I have shot on and I have shot on a few around Queensland but.... yeah it was definitely a challenge.”

Sells competed in two prize meetings at the VRA Bendigo Range in the Open F Class, placing third in the Victoria Police Open Prize meeting and placing fourth in the VRA Long Range PM.

He switched to competing in the F-Open premier class in 2016.

"I am excited to shoot over in New Zealand but Trentham is one of the most challenging ranges, I have heard,” he said.

"Three targets into the wind to get your bullet on target, that is how windy it is over there.”

Sells said his home club now was the Dalby-Tara Rifle Club but he his real home range was the SSAA in Chinchilla.

"I hope I will do everyone proud with some respectful shooting and hopefully with a bit of a win in New Zealand,” he said.