INTO THE GREENS: Member for Warrego Ann Leahy believes the Greens policies don't reflect the needs of the state.
INTO THE GREENS: Member for Warrego Ann Leahy believes the Greens policies don't reflect the needs of the state. Contributed

Greens in the firing line

MEMBER for Warrego Ann Leahy has put the Greens on notice, calling the party out during a speech at Parliament House last Thursday.

Ms Leahy said when she looks at the party's policies "I see many areas where the role of representing the state's best interests are in direct conflict with those policies''.

"I will start with coal,” Ms Leahy said.

"The policy of the Greens is to really demonise coal.

"The Greens want to phase out thermal coal mines and coal export and oppose the development of any new coal mines or the expansion of existing coal mines.

"There is no thought to what would happen to the communities that are supported by coal mines. The Greens' policies give no consideration whatsoever to the associated industries that underpin so many jobs in regional Queensland and, as we heard earlier from the Member for Gregory, such a large portion of this state's economy.”

Next on Ms Leahy's agenda was coal seam gas, an industry which she said is vital to many communities in her electorate.

"If the Greens' policy on coal makes people choke on their cornflakes, wait until they hear the Greens' policy on coal seam gas,” she said.

"The Greens not only want to shut down the coal industry but also want to stop the coal seam gas industry in its tracks.

"The Greens oppose CSG exploration, production and associated pipeline and export infrastructure developments. That means that the Greens oppose billions of dollars worth of investment in Queensland.

"It also means that the Greens oppose the industry jobs in my electorate; they oppose the millions of dollars worth of compensation payments being provided to landholders; they oppose the upgrades to the roads; they oppose the upgrades to community facilities and sporting clubs; and they oppose the families who have moved to make their homes in regional Queensland in communities such as Dalby, Chinchilla, Miles, Tara and Roma.

"Without this investment, how can the state fund the hospitals, the schools, the roads, the dams, the services, the doctors and the nurses that our state of Queensland needs now and into the future?”

Ms Leahy also criticised the Greens' desire to shut down the live export of sheep and cattle.

"Closing down the live cattle and sheep trade is not the answer,” she said.

"Putting in place the correct checks and balances on those involved in livestock transport and ensuring transparency of the journey of these animals is the solution.

"That will give confidence to farmers and the community.

"As a regional member of parliament who has the privilege of representing many good sheep and cattle farmers, I ask that their interests and their livelihoods be given due consideration rather than being ostracised by this appalling Greens policy.”