IN COURT: Dion Jacob Harlock faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23. Picture: Facebook
IN COURT: Dion Jacob Harlock faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23. Picture: Facebook

GROW UP DION: Man runs from police during drunken encounter

A man was told to “grow up” in court after he found himself running from police through the streets of Dalby on a drunken night out.

Dion Jacob Harlock, 29, faced Dalby Magistrates Court on February 23, charged with committing a public nuisance and obstructing police.

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The court heard police were speaking to Harlock about midnight on January 23 near the Australian Hotel, where he repeatedly used the word “f---” during their interview.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady said Harlock was told that if he continued to use profanities he would be exhibiting public nuisance behaviour and be arrested.

Harlock then said “f---” once again, prompting police to approach him for an arrest.

The court heard Harlock then shoved one of the officers as they came closer, before he turned and ran in the opposite direction.

“Police then chased after Harlock to inform him he was under arrest,” he said.


“[The officer] then transitioned the defendant to the ground onto his stomach.

“He was requested by police to give his hands for handcuffing but he refused, and was resisting arrest at this time.”

Sergeant Brady said he was then taken to their police vehicle, where he continued to resist arrest.

He was subsequently taken to the watch house, where he returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.170.

Harlock represented himself, and told the court he was “doing the wrong thing” on the night in question.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Harlock he was 29 going on 30 this year, and said it was “time to grow up”.

Harlock pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 80 hours unpaid community service and 12 months probation.

A conviction wasn’t recorded.

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