Woman's pet dog kicked to death in vicious attack

Dog owner talks about attack: Dog owner Mel Daley talk about an incident where her dog was kicked to death.

A TOOWOOMBA woman is asking for help to identify a man who kicked her dog to death.

Kearneys Spring woman Mel Daley's cavalier king charles spaniel Snoopy died last week in suspicious circumstances.

Snoopy ran onto the street to bark at a man walking his dog.

Ms Daley raced outside after her dog and when she arrived the man ran off.


Snoopy was left yelping and bloodied on grass close to a house.

The condition of the dog quickly deteriorated and Ms Daley took him to a veterinarian.

The dog went into shock and started bleeding in the throat before becoming unconscious.

Snoopy was unable to be revived.

Her dog had sustained head injuries and Ms Daley was informed by veterinarians that the wound was likely to have been caused by a kick or blow to the head.

Ms Daley said the actions of the person responsible were disgusting.

Mel Daley fears her dog was kicked to death and wants help finding the man responsible. Photo Andrew Backhouse / The Chronicle
DOG ACT: Mel Daley, with her surviving pet dog Abby, fears her other dog Snoopy was kicked to death. Andrew Backhouse

She has reported the incident to police and the RSPCA but was told they required more evidence to investigate.

Ms Daley is appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident which occurred in the Darling Heights area.

She said she was unable to identify the person, only that he was walking a medium-sized dog.

"What this person did was just wrong," she said.

"If that happens to another little dog somewhere that's terrible."

Ms Daley thanked the Toowoomba community for support she had already received through social media.

"I know a lot of people are outraged with what happened, but your support has helped."