The message has been labelled 'horrendous'.
The message has been labelled 'horrendous'.

State's 'Meth. We’re on it' anti-drug slogan slammed

A US state is being slammed over confusing messaging in its bizarre new anti-drugs campaign.

The governor of South Dakota last night announced the roll out of the "On Meth" program, explaining that methamphetamine is a "widespread" problem across the state.

The campaign, which cost more than half a million dollars, swiftly received backlash, being called "horrendous", with some people asking the governor if she was "kidding".

A video portion of the campaign urges in a voiceover "we need everyone to get on it" after different characters, including young children and elderly people, announce they are "on meth".

"South Dakota has a problem," the Government website explains.

"There isn't a single solution because meth is widespread. But we can approach it from different angles, so it doesn't take over counties, towns, neighbourhoods.

"Let's work together. Meth. We're on it."




The drug is a serious and widespread problem across the community in South Dakota.

According to a report from Buzzfeed, teenagers in the state report to using the illicit drug at twice the national average. The drug accounts for the majority of cases in the courts in the state.

The tagline and campaign is aimed at "empowering" the people of South Dakota to work together to eliminate methamphetamine from their community, according to Laurie Gill, head of South Dakota's Department of Social Services.

"The tagline is 'I'm on meth'," state Governor Kristi Noem went on to explain in a Facebook video last night.

"What it's talking about is that each one of us, no matter who we are, that we're on the case of meth," Ms Noam continued. "We're protecting our family, we're protecting our friends, we're protecting our communities from this epidemic that we see."

The On Meth campaign was put together by marketing company Broadhead Co., who were paid in the vicinity of $659,446 for their work.

"So your campaign ad is You're on Meth? Are you kidding me," one incredulous local commented on Ms Noem's explainer video.

"Which genius named the campaign "Meth. We're on it." another wondered.

"That's nearly (US $500k) of our tax dollars at work," one man said.

"Horrendous slogan," another said.