UNPREDICTABLE: A flooded road south of Lowmead last year.
UNPREDICTABLE: A flooded road south of Lowmead last year. Brenda Strong

How good was the flooding rain?

I FIND it interesting and a little peculiar the shift in community dialogue about the recent rain.

It seems to me the wet stuff is all well and good as long as it's not causing an inconvenience.

But we received enough rain to cut major roads and highways, creating frustrations and pleas for the rain to stop - we'd had enough.

Some were quick to complain and quicker to forget we also received enough to put out fires, replenish the land (not all though!), hydrate our dying wildlife, fill our water tanks and most importantly our township's main water supply - which was to dry up within a year if the dry spell continued.

Of course, the floods affected the day-to-day lives of Chinchilla residents in a negative way, sinking plans and keeping some from their livelihood.

We seem to like things done on our own terms, and free of inconvenience … wouldn't it be nice if life actually worked that way? But alas it does not. I believe how we choose to respond to challenges, obstacles, and difficult situations in life, is the true measure of a woman. And man.

Call me crazy but I say we are better off for the deluge, floods included.

After all, this is Australia, the land of angry summers that have our country experience fire, water, and cyclonic winds all within the span of a month or two.

As the ancient Australian proverb goes, 'she'll be right, mate'.