Police searching for man.
Police searching for man. Reuben Wylie

Hunt for wanted man in North Mackay

LATEST 12PM: POLICE involved in the search for a man who reportedly assaulted an officer this morning have left their cordons. 

It is understood police have lost the trail of the man they have been chasing for nearly two hours in the North Mackay area. 

Officers involved have returned to normal duties. 

Anyone with information that can assist police is urged to contact Policelink on 131 444.

UPDATE 11.40PM: FOOTPRINTS in the mud are leading police to a man who reportedly assaulted an officer this morning. 

Police are following footprints along the banks of the Pioneer River, heading away from the Forgan Bridge toward the boat ramp. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 11.35AM: POLICE are now converging on Cremorne Street after a sighting of the wanted man.

A Cremorne Street resident reportedly told police the man ran through his yard and was heading for the boat ramp.

Multiple police crews are now scouring the area.

More to come.

UPDATE 11.10AM: MULTIPLE police crews involved in a cordon and searching for a man in north Mackay have been stood down.

A Daily Mercury reporter at the scene says police are questioning two people on the corner of Cornwall Street and searching a vehicle - however the man they are searching for is still on the run.

A dog squad is being called in to search for the man.

More to come.

UPDATE: POLICE are establishing a cordon in North Mackay in the hunt for a man who reportedly attacked a police officer.

Police are stationed on Keller Street, Cornwall Street, Evans Avenue and Harbour Road after a repoted sighting of the man.

More to come.

BREAKING 10.40AM: MULTIPLE police crews are converging on Mackay Harbour Road in search of a man who assaulted an officer.

Initial reports indicate a man, described as wearing a black shirt, with neck tattoos, a mo-hawk and of Caucasian appearance, has assaulted a police officer and is on the run.

He was last seen in the vicinity of the Kooyong Hotel near the corner of Sams Road. He is reportedly running from police through back yards.

The details of the assault are at this stage unknown.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police immediately.

More to come.