Photo: Lachlan Berlin
Photo: Lachlan Berlin

Inside Dalby’s new vintage tourist attraction

DALBY’S newest tourist attraction is the TL153 locomotive that was once an operating train in Hong Kong.

Located at Dalby Machinery Centre on the corner of the Warrego Highway and Winton Street, the attraction has been a sight for tens of thousands of people driving to and from Toowoomba and Brisbane.

The 79.2-tonne locomotive was transported from Goulburn to Dalby throughout last week before it was lifted into its final place at the machinery centre during a two and a half-hour operation involving two massive cranes weighing well over 160 tonnes each.

Here is what’s inside:

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Class - TL

Locomotive Numbers - 152-155

Quantity - 4

Manufacture Year - 1957

Remanufacturer - Australian Horsepower Service Centre

Year of Remanufacture - 2007


Load Category - L13

Speed Category - S12

Drawbar Capacity 0.90MN

Maximum Speed - 100km/h

Fuel Capacity - 3500L

Length Over Couplers - 14.48m

Operating Station - Dual (both ends leading)

Live Weight - 72t

Dead Weight - 79.2t

Axle Load - 18t

Gauge - Standard (1435mm)


Locomotive Model - G-12

Engine - EMD-12-567C

Maximum Gross Power - 985kW

Engine RPM - 275-835

Lube Oil Capacity - 774L

Continuous Tractive Effort - 150kN

Starting Tractive Effort - 169kN

Gear Ratio - 63:14

Wheel Arrangement - Bo-Bo

Wheel Diameter - 1016mm

Alternator - EMD D12

Traction Motors - EMD D29

Air Brake - A7

Airconditioning - Fitted