MAKING HISTORY: Inspiring young women set to lead CSHS to success in 2021. Pic: Peta McEachern
MAKING HISTORY: Inspiring young women set to lead CSHS to success in 2021. Pic: Peta McEachern

Inspiring young women set to lead Chinchilla High to success in 2021

AS STUDENTS endured, overcame, and adapted to one of the most difficult school years due to COVID-19, the newly announced Chinchilla High School captains for 2021 are determined to lead their peers through whatever challenges the new year throws at them.

Making history, there has never been four young women chosen as school captains since the school officially opened in 1963 – but Bridie Beneke, Chloe Ellem, Jemima Lithgow, and Hayley Underwood are united in the fact that their position has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with their hard work and merit.

Year 11 graduate Chloe Ellem said it was tough knowing she was up against so many strong young women she almost didn’t run, so when she heard she had landed her role it was unexpected.

Even though some students expressed disapproval in the progressive all girls captain team, Chloe said they are determined to push past any negativity and do what’s best for the school.

“At the end of the day we know the captains were chosen for a reason, and we plan on making 2021 the best year it can possibly be for ourselves and our peers,” she said.

Year 11 graduate Hayley Underwood said there is some pressure resting on their shoulders, as COVID-19 can throw a spanner in the works at any given moment.

“We need to come back next year fighting,” she said.

As each of the captains specialises in a certain field, Hayley said it’s helped them form a solid group with a broad understanding which will help them support all their peers equally.

“We also have such a wide verity of people, with such different personalities, we come together with a lot of different perspectives… so it makes for a perfect team because we all talk to different aspects of the school,” she said.

“It’s cool to have our four perspectives come together, and we’re hoping make next year a great one considering the setbacks they have had this year.”

Year 11 graduate Bridie Beneke said she was shocked and excited when it was announced that she’d be a part of the team.

“It’s such an honour,” she said.

“From the moment I heard I knew I had an amazing team to work with, and I was really excited to be given the opportunity to represent our school, and our grade, and make this next year one of the best.”

Year 11 graduate Jemima Lithgow said it was a cool moment when they realised it was going to be a group of girls rather than the traditional two boys and two girls.

“We’re all amazing girls, and we are going to work very hard, but it will also be such a great time,” she said.