UFC legend still boasts ‘frightening’ power despite taunts
UFC legend still boasts ‘frightening’ power despite taunts

‘It’s going to be frightening’: Trainer’s grim warning for Gal

Mark Hunt still boasts the same punching power that made him a UFC legend, with his trainer Rich Fogarty stressing: "When he connects with Paul Gallen on Wednesday night … mate, it's going to be frightening".

Only days after claiming Hunt no longer owned the power that once made him a UFC knockout king, Gallen has been told he will be iced within four rounds.

Although this time not by Hunt, but the esteemed fight coach who has spent 10 months transforming the MMA legend into a boxer.


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Among Australia's most respected fight trainers, Fogarty has also travelled the world working with UFC superstars like Jon Jones, Alistair Overeem, Diego Sanchez and Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone.

Most notably however, Newcastle's Steel City Boxing gym owner has spent years helping the now 46-year-old Hunt prepare for a range of MMA and kickboxing fights.

In recent days, Gallen has suggested his rival no longer boasts the same firepower that saw him KO the likes of UFC heavyweights Frank Mir, Stefan Struve and Antonio Silva.

The former Cronulla captain also pointed out his rival's last knockout win came over three years ago, against American Derrick Lewis at UFC Auckland.

"But come fight night, you're going to see Mark Hunt's eyes light up," Fogarty stressed. "And when he connects with Gal it's going to be frightening.

"People talk about Mark losing his last three fights in the UFC, but (because he was taking the US fight company to court) he just didn't care.

"He was being paid the same money win, lose or draw - and hated the company he was working for.

"So he put in absolutely no effort at all.

"But his dedication in this fight camp has been second-to-none.

"Everything we've asked him to do, he's done.

"And for sparring and training, Mark knows his body. He knows he can go 70 per cent and still put in great effort.

"But come fight night, when Mark Hunt goes into battle, it's at 100 per cent - and it's frightening.


Mark Hunt has dropped 30kg for his fight with Paul Gallen. Picture: Gaye Gerard
Mark Hunt has dropped 30kg for his fight with Paul Gallen. Picture: Gaye Gerard


"All respect to Gal, he's a tough opponent.

"But I see Mark finishing him within four."

Fogarty also rejected suggestions Hunt was simply using this fight as a cash grab, and that he would be seriously exposed by the famed gas tank of the NSW Origin great.

"Even in his prime Mark never really trained," Fogarty laughed.

"I've watched K-1 fights where Mark would come out of a bar, head to the arena and then jump into a fight with some of the best in the world.

"But this preparation, he's dropped 30kg.

"Doing pads, he has been throwing anywhere from 350 to 500 punches per round. So Mark would have no problem going six rounds with Gal, and going the same pace as Gal."




Originally published as 'It's going to be frightening': Trainer's grim warning for Gal