AS controversy continues to swirl around embattled Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Nationals chief whip Michelle Landry continues to support Barnaby Joyce.

This comes amid the increasing political fall out and dissent within conservative ranks over Mr Joyce's scandalous affair with a former political staffer Vikki Campion.

LNP Senator Ian Macdonald was the latest to come forward publicly to call on Mr Joyce to move to the backbench as his position was "untenable”,

After Capricornia MP Ms Landry was quoted in the media as saying, "I would like to see Barnaby and Malcolm get together, away from staff and cameras, and discuss it and resolve it”, they have done just that with an hour long meeting held in Sydney today.

Federal member for Capricornia Michelle Landry delivers a pineapple to Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce MP
ROUGH SITUATION: Federal member for Capricornia Michelle Landry delivering a pineapple to Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce MP

"Barnaby is having the week off,” Ms Landry said.

"That'll be a time for him to sort out the personal issues and we'll be having a meeting in Canberra on Monday week.

"It won't be a full party room meeting, it's only house of reps because the senate's got estimates on but there will be further discussion about it when we get back to Canberra.”

The Chief Whip wouldn't be drawn on what she expected Mr Joyce's fate would be.

L-R Michelle Landry and Barnaby Joyce in Rockhampton to talk about Rookwood Weir.
TALKING INFRASTRUCTURE: Capricornia MP Michelle Landry and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in Rockhampton last year talking about Rookwood Weir. Chris Ison ROK030817crookwood1

"I think we need to see what happens this week really, just see how it all pans out,” she said.

Ms Landry believed that her beleaguered leader was the victim of a witch-hunt and bullying campaign being waged by the media.

"What is the upsetting thing about all of this is that it's been very stressful for everyone, particularly Barnaby obviously and his family and new partner,” she said.

"The southern media has been on biggest witch-hunt, and probably the worst thing about it is that it's happened on both sides of politics.

"Bill Shorten and Tony Burke certainly aren't innocent in this sort of thing as well.”

She claimed that "Barnaby's been absolutely massacred in this”.

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Michelle Landry MP and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce in Capricornia last week.
AGRICULTURAL INSPECTION: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Michelle Landry MP and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce in Capricornia assessing land that could be helped by the construction of Rookwood Weir. Contributed

Ms Landry said this behaviour flew in the face of the current Australia anti-bullying movement that she had been championing, in the wake of 14-year-old Northern Territory girl Amy "Dolly" Everett taking her own life in January after being bullied.

"I'm on a warpath when it comes to bullying,” she said.

"Cyber-bullying is getting out of control and its time we got serious about tackling it.”

Ms Landry, who has thrown her support behind Dolly's mum, Katrina, whose anti-bully petition had raised over 204,000 signatures, was upset with the media's treatment of Mr Joyce, citing it as another example of bullying.

"I find what's happened over the past week absolutely appalling about the way that he has been treated,” she said.

"You do have to feel for his wife and daughters and his new partner Vikki because the intense scrutiny that the whole lot of them have been under has been absolutely enormous.

"I think that the southern media needs to back off on it all.”