THANKFUL: Mollie Zeller (aged 91) is a Chinchilla widow supported by Legacy financially and socially.
THANKFUL: Mollie Zeller (aged 91) is a Chinchilla widow supported by Legacy financially and socially. Brooke Duncan

Legacy calls for locals

LEGACY Brisbane is calling for volunteers to help support their widows in the south-west after going for years without a local volunteer. Legacy Brisbane CEO Brendan Cox said Legacy was formed to care for families of fallen, and now incapacitated, veterans.

He said in the area surrounding Chinchilla, Miles and Mitchell, Legacy Brisbane supported about 100 widows, but without a local volunteer it was difficult to provide the level of care they intended.

"We don't have any Legatees (in the area) and so whilst we can still certainly phone in and provide support from Legacy Brisbane our promise is diluted because we don't have people that walk into that living room and just talk to the widow, share cups of tea, coffee, prevent that social isolation, but also observe the environment... is the widow still being well looked after.

"So we are looking out for Legatees within the communities of really that central area of Mitchell, Miles, Chinchilla, who are willing and prepared to look after our widows.”

Currently two Legatees from Brisbane visit the area once or twice a year.

"To really deliver upon that promise... we need local Legatees... that personalised service can only be done at a local level really,” Mr Cox said.

Chinchilla widow Mollie Zeller said Legacy had given her significant help since her husband passed away 38 years ago.

"I wanted the roof done up here and I didn't have the money to do it, and they come good with the money, they said 'it'll be alright, you don't have to pay it back until you're ready to pay it back,' and they were very good,” she said.

But she said having someone local who could visit her more often would help.

"I wouldn't mind that, no I wouldn't mind that if someone was around a bit more.

"(They) could come and see me, that would be nice.”

For more information contact Legacy Brisbane on 3029 5600.