Triple j's Hottest 100
Triple j's Hottest 100

Legend trolls entire Triple J Hottest 100 with just 5 words

WHEN IT comes to this mighty fine nation, there is little that is more violently divisive than the Triple J Hottest 100.

It's the same every Australia Day. The countdown plays in the background as you're getting sh*tfaced on cheap beers in your backyard, occasionally throwing out a sophisticated "Faaaaaaaack I love this song!" or "Yerrrrrrr jokin' mate!" when that one Peking Duk song that sounds like all those other Peking Duk songs plays too early.

If you were keeping up with the countdown on social media, you may have noticed one gallant Facebook user perfectly trolling the top 100 list on Facebook.

The official triple j Facebook page, which has over one million followers, issues a post for every song that plays.

Facebook user Ben Lawson wrote the exact same comment for every single post bar one: "Ya joking shoulda been higher."

Gang of Youths' Strange Diseases at #50? "Ya joking shoulda been higher."

Tash Sultana's Notion at #32? "Ya joking shoulda been higher."

Amy Shark's Adore at #2? "Ya joking shoulda been higher."

The same sentence was getting hundreds and thousands of likes each per comment - and it reached the point where users were more interested in what his top comment would be.

Finally, Flume's "Never Be Like You" was announced as the number one song of the Hottest 100. And what was the highly anticipated comment in the end?

Ben Lawson, you bloody won Australia Day, and we salute you for that.