MARANOA VOTES: David Littleproud is preparing for election day.
MARANOA VOTES: David Littleproud is preparing for election day. Nev Madsen

Littleproud reflects on three years as Maranoa MP

A LOT can be achieved in three years.

As we count down to election day, it's important to note what progress has been made for our electorate in this term of government.

The LNP's David Littleproud won the seat of Maranoa in the 2016 election comfortably, claiming almost half of all first preference votes in the traditionally safe seat.

With the 2019 election just around the corner, the Chinchilla News asked our current member how he thinks his first term went.

For Mr Littleproud, there are a few thing that stand out.

"I'm proud to have secured $4.7billion for Maranoa since 2016 but getting communities like Chinchilla drug and alcohol counsellors is the greatest achievement,” Mr Littleproud said.

"This is the biggest challenge our community faces because of the lives and families it destroys.”

Mr Littleproud said if he's elected again, fighting drug abuse will continue to be a strong theme.

"As a father the ice scourge scares me and I'm committed to investing in treatment and intervention strategies that work,” he said.

"Building better infrastructure, improving digital connectivity and funding projects that make our communities more resilient in the face of drought or flood are top priorities.”

Heading into Saturday night, Mr Littleproud said he was just as nervous as he was three years ago but also "sound in the knowledge I couldn't do any more than what I've done over the last three years”.

"I'll be together with my staff and supporters in Dalby watching the election after spending election eve in Chinchilla,” he said.

This time around Mr Littleproud is vying with six other candidates - Linda Little from the ALP, Anthony Wallis from Katter's Australian Party, Julie Saunders from the United Australia Party, Darren Christiansen from Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party, Rosemary Moulden from Pauline Hanson's One Nation and Emmeline Chidley from The Greens.

To find your nearest polling place for Saturday, visit election/voting.htm#voting.