HAVEN FARMING: Louise and Greg McMahon with their three gorgeous sons Vincent, Mitchell and Hugo on their Chinchilla angus cattle property.
HAVEN FARMING: Louise and Greg McMahon with their three gorgeous sons Vincent, Mitchell and Hugo on their Chinchilla angus cattle property. Kate McCormack

Local angus hobby farm turned emerging exporter

WHEN Greg and Louise McMahon first looked into farming Angus and Wagyu beef, they approached it as a fun hobby - something interesting to do with the family.

10 years later, Haven Farming became a fully established family business, and has now been selected as a part of Shell QGC's 2019 Emerging Exporters Program.

The Emerging Exporters Program works to educate, enlighten, and mentor agribusinesses based in the Western Downs and Surat Basin.

Leading experts will be guiding the new cohort to develop trading opportunities and chances to network with other like-minded business women and men.

Mrs McMahon hopes that in her time in the program, she will be able to expand the business to reach an international market, and make them a competitive force to be reckoned with.

"To be part of the ag industry, which is obviously has so much history in the Australian economy, and then be able to group that with some of the amazing opportunities that this program is going to provide in terms of networking and mentoring with the absolutely leading edge in information and technology and industry experts... is great,” she said.

"It will certainly implement change and educate ourselves in what the future is for ag and what are the consumer demands domestically and globally, and what the trends that are going to be in place in the next five or 10 years and actually be able to react to those demands.”

It hasn't been easy for the family, growing a business from the ground up.

But the McMahon's believe they have developed a model for a business from their diverse levels of experience in agriculture and business that makes them stand out in the crowd.

"It's our willingness to learn and be adaptive,” Mrs McMahon said.

"We're certainly not a big player, and we don't have all the experience in the ag industry but we have a hell of a lot of business experience in other areas.

"We can use a lot of our business experience in planning our ag model and draw on that to pull out was it our valued proposition to our end users.”

Shell QGC Operations Manager Angus Hetherington said community demand and the need for a rock-solid economy is what inspired the Emerging Exporters Program.

"The community said to us that they wanted a community with a very strong economy,” he said.

"Agribusiness is really at the heart of that economy. We want to do something meaningful that supports that.

"This program supports that economic development by helping agribusiness open new markets, both domestically and abroad.

"It's a recognition that agriculture is a mainstay of the region's economy.”

The McMahon's, along with the rest of their cohort, will spend the next 12 months collaborating with industry experts who will help them to grow and expand their business.