‘Loser’: Trump trolled in the streets


As America tensely waits for an outcome of the presidential election, some have taken to the streets to say exactly how they feel.

Shared by journalist Hugh Riminton, the driver of one truck wove through Washington DC with a sullen looking picture of Donald Trump and the word 'Loser' emblazoned across his vehicle.

"I heard there was almost a riot as people fought for the driver's seat," commented one Twitter user.

"How much is the driver paid, probably not enough," joked another.

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The standard of Trump memes during this last week has been phenomenal, garnering hundreds of likes across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Physical demonstrations have also taken place across the US, as voters make it clear that the President's term is up.

A temporary security fence erected outside the White House has been covered in signs, with many calling President Donald Trump a 'loser' and demanding he leave the Oval Office.

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Signs plastered with the words "Stop killing us" and "Trump is over" covered the temporary fencing.

Some even went so far as to call Trump a "Fascist clown", among other signs that declared "Trump is guilty".

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The demonstrations comes as Joe Biden sits on the cusp of winning the US election, after overtaking Donald Trump in the key state of Pennsylvania.

Mr Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania on Friday morning, US time.

The state is worth 20 electoral votes, which is enough to push the Democrat above the 270-vote threshold he needs for victory.

He is also ahead, albeit narrowly, in the state of Georgia, which has not voted for a Democrat since 1992.

The state is close enough that it will proceed to a recount in the coming days.

The Associated Press and Fox News have the current Electoral College tally at 264 for Biden and 214 for Trump.

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