Nimbin identity Peter
Nimbin identity Peter "The Rock" Till outside Lismore Court House. Hamish Broome

Drug supply accused claims religious prejudice in court

A NIMBIN man charged with cultivating and supplying marijuana is expected to fight the charges at trial next year on "religious" prejudices.

Carrying a giant ragdoll backpack and wearing a periodic table print curtain as a skirt, Peter Till, 51, appeared before Lismore District Court on Monday for a trial date to be set.

After Mr Till told the court he was unable to attend the discussed pre-trial date of May 1 because he was "very busy" volunteering in "the first weekend of May", Judge Jonathon Priestly set a pre-trial date for April 24, 2020 ahead of the May 25 trial date next year.

But while dates were being finalised, Mr Till explained to the court he also required the full transcripts of every court appearance he has been involved in to assist his case since his arrest in 2017.

Mr Till said he'd previously applied for the transcripts and audio of each appearance but was yet to receive all of them.

"I want to know the truth because what I have seen is a whole lot of transcripts that don't match up with the audio," he said.

After Mr Till told the court he demanded all of the transcripts to prove "the court keeps pushing their religious belief" on him, Judge Priestly said that wasn't a good enough reason to hand over all the of the transcripts.

"My view based on what you've said and what you're asking for is irrelevant to the trial," Judge Priestly said.

"The offence is a supplying cannabis charge.

"I'm suggesting to you the matter of religion has absolutely zero relevance."

Judge Priestly instructed Mr Till to present a letter to the court on December 2 with the dates of transcripts he still required to allow him time to finalise his case before the pre-trial scheduled for April 24.

Mr Till's trial has been delayed numerous times.