Allan John McDonald claimed being paid in meth led to him committing reoffending.
Allan John McDonald claimed being paid in meth led to him committing reoffending.

Man claims being paid with meth led to offences

HIGH on meth after being paid with the drug for property he was selling, a man committed a spate of offences.

Allan John McDonald, 41 (pictured), fronted the Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday and pleaded to a slew of offences including an enter premises and commit an indictable offence, 14 fraud charges and other drug charges.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland said McDonald was on parole at the time for similar offences.

"Not only has he gone into the vehicle and taken the cards and so forth, but he has showed complete blatant disregard to the victim and just blatantly using that card for ridiculous items in service stations and so forth," Sen Const Bland said.

"If being on parole isn't enough to deter somebody committing an offence and then going on to commit another offence of a like nature, I am unsure what would deter Mr McDonald from committing those offences."

Defence lawyer Thomas Bray said his client was heavily under the influence of meth when he broke into the car.

"He ended up in a situation where he obtained a quantity of meth after selling property to person who is clearly engaged in providing people methamphetamine," he said.

"Rather then paying him in cash this person put him in a situation where he said well I have only got this and gave him a quantity of methamphetamine."

Magistrate Andrew Moloney told McDonald "you're a bit old for methamphetamine aren't you, you're 41 years old".

McDonald was sentenced to nine months wholly suspended for two years.

For the remaining 20 offences McDonald was offered probation to which Mr Moloney said, "normally probation is for kids or young people but I think you need some help to point you in the right direction".